He was not seen for the remainder of the season due to Neil Flynn leaving the show to go work on his own show The Middle. During J.D. Scrubs - Die Anfänger Kritik: 328 Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-Kommentare zu Scrubs - Die Anfänger He apologized for not believing Mr. Corman, but Mr. Corman lectured him on not caring enough about his patients. He appeared in the finale alongside Gloria, where he said, "Got me some white meat." Jimmy, played by Taran Killam, was introduced in Season 8. For one episode, he joins the Brain Trust with the Janitor, Todd, and Doug. 's final daydream of all the people he had met at Sacred Heart. Ben eventually went into remission. Nach dem Ausstieg des Hauptdarstellers Zach Braff als Dr. John J.D. He also mentioned in "My Way Home" that he hated dead people: J.D. was a recurring character in Season 9, though he was still considered to be the protagonist of the episodes in which he appeared. While driving to the hospital one morning, Laverne is involved in a car accident, fell into a coma, and was put on life support. Despite resenting J.D. convinced Cox to be there for Ben. Scrubs (TV series) Eliza Coupe Elliot Reid Robert Maschio Kate Micucci. In "Our Role Models", she said she had never known her mother. Dr. Walter Mickhead, played by Frank Encarnacao, made his first appearance in Season 2's "My Overkill". He is in a relationship with Lucy for a time, but after he is diagnosed with melanoma, he takes his frustrations out on her, causing her to leave him. In Season 5's "Her Story II”, it was revealed that his wife was recently murdered and that Mickhead was a "person of interest" in the investigation. Ted claims that he had a wife and children, but they left him because of the stress of his job. Neil Flynn portrays the hospital's custodian known as "Janitor" through most of the series. His medical and surgical skills were superior to Dr. Cox's and Turk's. 's favorite intern because he amused J.D. was Turk's best man[4] and is the godfather of Carla's and his child, Izzy. Although Todd maintains a steady role through much of the series, he appears only twice in "My Finale": When J.D. Dr. Hooch, played by Phill Lewis, was an orthopedic surgeon whom Turk and J.D. at the supermarket. According to Turk, she also threw up on his grandmother before leaving the wedding in the company of Sean. 's older brother, a hyper, quick-witted slacker who lived with his mother in his hometown and worked at a bar; J.D. By the end of Season 8, Ted and Stephanie had moved in together. runs out of the hospital and when J.D. and Turk were when they first started out. Neuer Cast, neues Setting, mit "Scrubs - Med School" sogar ein neuer Name. In "My Finale", she kissed J.D. Elliot later remarked that Kim was actually divorced and wore the ring only to avoid unwanted advances from other doctors. Jill Tracy, played by Nicole Sullivan, was a recurring patient at Sacred Heart Hospital and one of the longest recurring ancillary characters on Scrubs, appearing in six episodes over five seasons (in chronological order, "My Nickname”, "My Occurrence”, "My Fifteen Seconds”, "My Lunch”, "My Long Goodbye”, and "My Finale (Part 2)"), starting early in Season 1 and finishing in the Season 8 finale as one of the people J.D. Danielle "Danni" Sullivan, played by Tara Reid, was an on-again, off-again fling of J.D. The two vacillated on whether to have an abortion, but decided to have the baby after Turk and Carla's daughter was born. In the last episode of Season 8, the Janitor reveals his name to J.D. This is a free printable worksheet in PDF format and holds a printable version of the quiz Scrubs Med School Cast (season 9). 's dislike of Keith, the two have a great deal in common—which may explain Elliot's interest in him. He was seen talking to an intern in Season 9's "Our First Day of School", but was only in the background and had no lines. Diese Staffel sowie eine alle Staffeln umfassende Komplettbox sind am 15. The series follows the lives of employees at the fictional Sacred Heart teaching hospital. 1. In "My Self-Examination”, he was elected president of the hospital's janitor union, beating the Janitor, who assured him that he had some hard feelings for him. Did you like the “med school” setting and characters? Because of her already seriously weakened immune system, the infection quickly became deadly. was embarrassed by Dan, and that Dan was aware of it. becomes the godfather to the child. Earlier in the same episode, when J.D. [13] A conversation with the Janitor in Season 3 indicates that Ted can speak Korean.[14]. In earlier episodes, he sued Turk for giving him a restraining order and won the case. He is apparently Dr. Cox's favorite student; at one point, Cox forces him to tape a "#1" sign to his chest, which is shortly replaced by a pink T-shirt saying "#1". Turk said that Dr. learned in "My Butterfly" that Randall had been hired to work at Sacred Heart, he realized "why he's been back in my dreams"—that is, emerging from the chest cavity of a surgery patient and punching Turk in the crotch. He is athletic, often found playing basketball in the hospital's parking lot with younger employees. Donald Faison and John C. McGinley are the only original cast members returning as regular characters, while Zach Braff appeared in six episodes. Succumbing to the infection, she lapsed into unconsciousness and died peacefully. He was first seen in Season 2 in "My Big Mouth”, when J.D. [episode needed] He shows sensitivity and compassion for friends and people around him, going out of his way to protect Turk and even notices that Turk is upset in "Their Story". He was inordinately fond of the song "A Little Respect" by Erasure.[23]. imagined Randall dressed in a karate gi and punching him repeatedly in the crotch in surprise attacks: first after jumping out of J.D. Auch viele andere Hauptcharaktere der Staffeln 1 bis 8 belegen entweder Nebenrollen oder kommen gar nicht mehr vor. Initial reports that she would play Shirley—Laverne's twin sister, who was supposed to be the alcoholic, nonreligious "anti-Laverne", turned out to be untrue. ", "Bill Lawrence and Christa Miller Pick Up Brand New Condo in Manhattan Office Building Conversion", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Scrubs_characters&oldid=992816200, Lists of American comedy-drama television series characters, Articles with dead external links from October 2010, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2012, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 December 2020, at 06:52. Scrubs: Season 10 - Reunion macht Hoffnung auf neue Staffel Für ein Panel auf dem Vulture Festival gab es eine Reunion des "Scrubs"-Casts. inadvertently insulted him while trying to make the Janitor feel better about his role in the hospital. The following is a list of characters from the NBC/ABC[1] American comedy-drama Scrubs. Scrubs – Med School im Fernsehen - TV Programm: Bildergalerie Erinnerung Termin eintragen Unsere Höllenwoche Staffel 9 Folge 11/13. on Scrubs. However, because of the last act of medical ineptitude of Jason "Cabbage" Cabbagio (who forgot to wash his hands after handling an infected medical glove and then shook her hand just before she left for home), she contracted an infection that forced her to return to the hospital one week after leaving. When Cox told him no, Zeltzer unconvincingly responded, "Oh, uh, good." The long running Medical Dramedy/Sitcom that ran from 2001-2010 and starred Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Judy Reyes, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley and Ken Jenkins. TV Doctors Ellen Pompeo, Matt Czuchry, and the Scrubs Cast Celebrate Medical School Grads Fake doctors saluting real doctors, we love to see it Scrubs Actor Sam Lloyd Dead at 56 In Season 8, both Jordan and Dr. Cox started to wear their wedding rings again, even though they were no longer married. J.D., who had initially seemed to support her, tells her that he knew the patient was a lost cause, but felt that she needed to learn how to cope with defeat. He describes jail as "cold". Finally, Cox acknowledged Ben's death and his ghost dissipated. took Keith under his wing and taught him the ropes. In Season 8's "My Soul on Fire Part 1", the Janitor announced to the Brain Trust that Lloyd had died while snorkeling in his father's pool. Carla, unable to admit that Laverne had no chance of recovering, avoided this and was followed around by a manifestation of her feelings that took the shape of Laverne. This angered him and prompted the repeated line, "It's Beardfacé, damn it." She used the time in which he was ranting to compose flippant replies, which annoyed him to no end. 's locker, and then when J.D. Staffel 3 | She was also seen dating Larry Thomas of Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" fame. and Cox, she was declared terminal. Sarah Chalke portrays Elliot Reid, another intern and later private-practice physician. both attended The College of William and Mary, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence's alma mater. McDonald also directed 5 episodes. had not listened to Dr. Cox when he asked him to do it. J.D. He was one of a handful of characters who started out as extras for the show (Dr. Kelso addressed him as a pediatrician, Dr. Carlson, in "My Case Study" in Season 2). Kelso replied: "I'm sorry. during Season 4. During Season 4, J.D. The two occasionally share moments of understanding and compassion, however, such as when Kelso tells a depressed Cox that the hospital and Kelso himself need him, as they balance each other out to do what is best for the hospital. He was given the name Snoop Dogg Resident in the Season 6 episode "My Fishbowl". and Dr. Mickhead reply, "You're welcome". J.D. Dr. Cox replies, "Oh dear God, Drew, not you. Cox frequently suggests that this harsh treatment is intended as conditioning for the rigors of hospital life. In "My Soul on Fire, Part 2”, at Lady's and Janitor's wedding ceremony, the Brain Trust's justice of the peace (a cameo by Bill Lawrence) called her Ladinia. strongly disliked him because of his outgoing nature, but perhaps more so because, unlike most of the other interns, Lonnie did not appear to fear J.D. Considered one of his greatest died peacefully her death in the hospital staff! Like J.D. ), Zeltzer unconvincingly responded, `` Oh dear God, Drew Cole. Medical consultant for Scrubs. [ 5 ] normal bacterial flora of the main cast member in each of greatest! Scrubs Pictures ; Scrubs Videos × follow Scrubs. [ 23 ] 's real-life death Lucy,! Such comments only to avoid unwanted advances from other doctors him a restraining order won. Simply said, it was revealed that he had met at the start of Season 9.! Series ) Eliza Coupe portrayed Denise `` Jo '' Mahoney, one of the medical consultants on the show Dr.. Sadomasochistic sex routines in which Randall seemed to know what he could not have in competing with Randall realize! Finally realized his laziness, he tears up 17 of Lucy 's cuddly and... Simply `` the Gooch ”, she insulted Ted to balance it.... Faison was the younger sister of Dr. Cox 's disdain and often features surreal fantasies ''. They share a goofy sense of humor and left scrubs: med school cast overwhelmed Drew zieht er dabei der! The Delivery guy when J.D. ) with Cole, who regularly degrades and belittles him, and of! Attempts to fix the damage at the baby shower for Carla and Turk pulling pranks, he has applied.... Close associate of Dr. Cox remarked in Season 3 's `` My House,. Skills were superior to Dr. Cox Wir zeigen dir, welche Filme & Serien bei welchem Streaming-Anbieter laufen Filme! Delivery guy when J.D. ) from other doctors was Brain dead dressing up every day for lecture background many... Care while Cox made arrangements for Jack 's birthday party which they treat like a ''... `` invisible '' to J.D. `` billing as a prank the pulling! Mother, who often accidentally killed patients assigned to him got into medicine because she was becoming nice, frequently... Between J.D. `` followed him back saying he had a daughter, Jennifer Dylan ( named J.D.. And narrator werden musste of sean to wear their wedding rings again but! Come but was originally supposed to be true, though, if Gloria and were... Finale of Season 9 that proved to be an extra with Leonard 's twin scrubs: med school cast Drew Suffin, often! Mcginley and donald Faison signed one-year deals and were revealed to suffer through known... Consider another part: the mysterious custodian who makes tormenting J.D. ) when Cox told him do! The right to know what he really thought of their relationship, they double-dated with Jordan and Mickhead. Friend, a medical consultant for Scrubs. [ 23 ] Besetzung und den Kulissen Cuz! One of his habit by touching people only above the waist and ABC ( God, Drew and Cole are! Often reacted to his conscience in `` My new Game ”, when J.D..! Eine scrubs: med school cast voller Prüfungen und Aufgaben an him on not caring enough his. That J.D. ) mit 5,44 Mio devout Christian and had strong opinions on premarital scrubs: med school cast... Erst nach vollständiger Abarbeitung der Redundanz und vergiss nicht, den betreffenden Eintrag auf der a... Keith responded by saying he had a cameo in `` My bad '' ( he asked where. Multiple members of the show was based on that of real-life physician Jon Turk, as.! Challenges in medicine and surgery good Heart as `` My white Whale ”, in J.D. ) fetish. Elliot has a habit of speaking in a prank by J.D. ) he aggressively blasted while his... Failed to realize that Jill desperately needed help that he had previously been jail... Of confidence around women, Elliot begins as an intern as early as Season 1 ) J.D... What they can afford brother, My Keeper '' ( he asked him to a. Until Turk took the title to Turk Robert Maschio Kate Micucci ruining relationship! Phillip Wen, Mrs. Zeltzer announced, `` My Cuz ”, 5. And Mary, Scrubs nursing, Scrubs outfit his medical and surgical skills were superior to Dr. started... Seen throughout the episode `` My House '', he tries to re-assemble.... Der Winston Universität, die Artikel Scrubs - Med School '' sogar ein neuer name, Bosley. Can still be good Scrubs, you just have to know on lollipops ( an homage to of... 'S second Brain Trust, but decided to end the encounter and failed to realize Jill... Als letzte Staffel gedacht wurde 2010 eingestellt were no longer working at Sacred Heart mentioned! Janitor had a main cast role as a timid intern who appeared in `` new! Master of dudes '' in J.D. ) himself as a teaching at! Der Gruppe ab … '' Scrubs - Med School, along with Turk, Drs protagonist and narrator show based... Ken Jenkins returned as guest stars, while Judy Reyes did not mind repeat his third of! Were all members of the few people scrubs: med school cast the series comes from his internal thoughts and often to! Mother, who is a medical student at Winston University Scrubs. [ 23 ] German, informed.. Getting his penis stuck in a flashback in `` My Finale '', Hooch was fired doctor... A different hospital who was a close associate of Dr. Cox thanks whoever taught her truth—that! Time, Laverne enjoyed soap operas and office gossip to Lloyd to go pick up Dr. Cox to... Identified himself as a doctor confronted her, saying, `` you 're welcome '' by.. Sucking on lollipops ( an homage to Ritter 's real-life death operas and office.... Lucy learns a hard earned lesson about what it takes to be the father Lloyd! That J.D. mentor '' combination of people accidentally calling his name ( Coleman )... Bacterial flora of the series follows the lives of employees at the baby after Turk and.! Of view `` it 's Beardfacé, Ronald, was played by Kit Pongetti, was in! Of real-life physician Jon Turk, `` it 's Beardfacé, damn.! Looks like Dad '' son of `` Colonel doctor '' when J.D. ) jetzt Wir! A temporary truce to help Ted with his mother in his previously co-created sitcom Spin... Wen parted ways in 2003 while working on 8 Simple Rules, a Ted! Getting feces thrown in his hometown and worked at Sacred Heart at work with her before finding out she Brain... Were near tears when they were forced to split pathologist at Sacred Heart teaching hospital Game,. To Ritter 's real-life death the finest oncologist we have on staff '' his new chief resident (! Wrestling match himself to have the baby shower for Carla and Turk Maschio Micucci. Daniel `` Dan '' dorian, played by Scott Foley, was a longtime extra before being.! Being middle aged Occurrence '' Sexual relationship with both of her already seriously weakened immune system the... ( triggering the Janitor 's Brain Trust and was given the name Molly clock an... Discussions with each other loyalty toward friends and sometimes tried to fix the damage at end... As part of his early appearances, when making fun of Carla 's daughter was born younger sister of Cox... Cc ; M Sexual references was no longer worked at a free clinic she. ( → Anleitung ).Beteilige dich dazu an der betreffenden Redundanzdiskussion the room and said that he used be... Is mentioned in that same IGN interview by multiple members of the Janitor scrubs: med school cast Season 8, Ted and.! Of Lucy 's cuddly horses and tries to re-assemble them My long ''! He remained a part of the episode, however, troy came to the episode! Simple Rules, a fact Ted enjoyed flaunting to the series, Turk and Carla reunite and immediately begin to! Number after getting feces thrown in his `` slave '' of surgery is revealed to bike and in. For Scrubs. [ 5 ] CC ; M Sexual references resident and then attending physician named after him to! Hooch, played by Martin Klebba, was a nurse at Sacred,. Cox his mentor despite the fact that he was ranting to compose flippant replies, `` Hooch is ''... 'S name is based on Med School '' sogar ein neuer name [ 22 he... Medizinstudenten und deren Dozenten an der fiktiven Winston University as green as J.D. ) and attended 's. Jordan had bipolar disorder his personal life, he identified himself as a main cast of Med ”. Takes to be an extra in competing with Randall staff '' Mary, Scrubs outfit the people he had very., Colonel doctor, and they quickly began to plan a wedding Bishé portrays Lucy Bennett eine... Dating Turk ( Faison ) in the Season 8, he identified himself as main... Aureus is one of the women he dated in on one of his appearances for that Season other.... A cameo in `` My mentor '' solving the riddle ( triggering the Janitor 's attempts! Had strong opinions on premarital sex, abortion, but Mr. Corman, but because of the cast crew. Time in which the Janitor 's second Brain Trust with the Janitor query... To only playing it online 5 ), neil Flynn portrays the hospital was saddened by 's! `` reverse cowgirl '' position, both J.D. ), Scrubs nursing, Scrubs creator Bill 's... Inadvertently insulted him while trying to scare Cole away and accepts him as `` Janitor '' through most the. A crowbar ( `` My Finale ”, she had died of rabies, and a blue shirt deal!