I told him it was not a point of doctrine . Although he sympathized with his fellow colonists, the future president agreed to defend the British soldiers. Mrs. George Watson’s ancestors emigrated earlier in the 17th century, in search of economic prosperity that would ensure the well-being of their family. John Singleton Copley quickly realized that Boston was no longer safe for those who supported Britain. The Marquis was brought to the town on September 21, 1777 after sustaining a leg wound in the Battle of Brandywine ten days earlier. Relief for the Moravian community came the following April, in 1778, when Washington ordered the removal of the Continental Army hospital from Bethlehem. Mrs. Mildred Elizabeth Laws Watson, 85, of Lenoir, passed away at Hickory Falls Health and Rehabilitation in Granite Falls on Friday, August 23, 2019. In this section, you’ll find resources that we have put together from a variety of Smithsonian museums to enhance your students’ learning experience, broaden their skill set, and not only meet education standards, but exceed them. . Followers of Hus, called “Hussites,” were the basis for the formation of the Moravian Church. Taxing its colonies was England’s solution to paying the debt incurred during the French and Indian War (1756-1763). What information can we learn about Elizabeth Watson and life in the British colonies in 1765 from this painting? Frances Watson Arnold ELIZABETH CITY - Frances Watson Arnold, 89, of Glendale Ave., Elizabeth City, NC died Thursday, March 01, 2018 in the Elizabeth City Health & Rehab Center. Before our meetings this week, I last saw Valence Watson more than a decade ago, acting as peacemaker in a meeting between my former colleague the late Barry Sergeant and a group of BEE investors in the now delisted gold company Simmer & Jack in which Valence and his brother… Read it at Poets.org, “The American revolutionary moment inspired—and continues to inspire—a vast body of literature, much of which, like Blake’s poem, attempts to allegorize the fledgling nation’s birth and cast its genesis in the language of archetypal struggles and timeless human themes. America, a Prophecy is in some sense typical of early writings about American independence, which often strive to romanticize the clash between colony and king, rebellious sons and overbearing father.” – Poets.org, “To the Right Honourable William, Earl of Dartmouth” 1772, Phillis Wheatley  The needs of the community were always placed above those of the individual and as such, elders considered the demographic needs of the missions first and not which individuals desired to go. . What does it mean? In an effort to raise money the English Parliament imposed a variety of taxes on the colonies, attempting to control the trade in and out of the region. 1813–1817 - Buckingham County, Virginia, United States, ...am B Watson, George E Watson, Daniel B Watson, Nancy William Watson, Thomas Gal B Watson, Powhatan B Watson, Carolline B Watson, John Watson, ... Polly B Watson, William B Watson, George B E Watson, Daniel B Watson, Thomas Gal B Watson, Powhatan Watson, Carolline B Watson, John Watson. Two months after the incident involving Watson, Copley and his family, including his father-in-law Richard Clarke, fled to London. In protest, political activists organized a non-importation movement which called on colonists to boycott all British goods, giving up all imported luxuries and finery and to thoroughly embrace austerity. Join Facebook to connect with Toni Elizabeth and others you may know. Her great-great grandfather had emigrated from London in 1632 and settled in Boston, Massachusetts. Genealogy profile for Daniel Grant Watson Daniel Grant Watson (1811 - 1864) - Genealogy Genealogy for Daniel Grant Watson (1811 - 1864) family tree on Geni, with over 190 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Over time, this strategy would enable them to consolidate and protect power among their small, elite group. Single Sister: the name for a single woman of marriageable age in the Moravian community. Mrs. George Watson, 1765, John Singleton Copley, Young Moravian Girl, 1755-60, John Valentine Haight. She first started learning to play the keyboard and drum pad in high school. Produced just three weeks after the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere’s engraving is one of the most effective pieces of propaganda in American history. At the dawn of day, a cart piled full of dead bodies would be seen hurrying away from the door of the hospital to the trenches on the hill . Originally from Australia's Mornington Peninsula, Tones And I journeyed to Byron Bay in early 2018 to take a chance at busking. Their settlement, named Bethlehem, became a base of operations for the Moravian missionaries to help spread the word of God to the Native Americans through conversion to Christianity. The Moravians viewed the Indians as heathens in need of spiritual enlightenment and guidance. Hermoine Granger, the second lead of the series has certainly got the most attention because of her performance, charm, and aura. I am trying to connect with the descendants of Thomas M Watson (known as Melvin Watson) who married Minnie A Crisler. Many propagandists encourage women to join the non-consumption movement by connecting the politics of boycotts to the security of the home and family.” – Massachusetts Historical Society, Transcript of the Boston Massacre Trial, March 5, 1770.  As both Mrs. Watson’s husband and father were prominent, outspoken Loyalists, it can be inferred that her political allegiances, at least publicly, were the same. . This page was last edited on 19 March 2020, at 04:37. The Moravian community of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania became the center of all North American Moravian missionary activity, providing economic support and material resources for all outlying Moravian missions. Their very livelihoods depended on their good relationships with fellow merchants willing to trade with them across the Atlantic. MANILA – Toni Gonzaga sat down with her future brother-in-law, Mikee Morada, in an attempt to get to know him more before he marries her sister, Alex Gonzaga. . Brother of Daniel B. Watson; Thomas G. Watson; Mary Polly Watson; Powhatan P. Watson; Nancy William Watson and 5 others; William B. Watson; George E. Watson; Wilkerson William Watson; Caroline Watson and John Watson « less. “The caller stated that he had found his brother and sister-in-law deceased.” WCSO deputies responded along with Watauga Medics and Deep Gap Fire Department to the address and found Douglas Allen Watson, 57, and Elizabeth Case Watson, 57, to be deceased in the home. Der internationale Durchbruch gelang ihr 2019 mit dem Song Dance Monkey, der in ihrem Heimatland und in mehreren europäischen Charts Platz eins erreichte. People … –) ausztrál énekesnő és dalszerző. His future descendants would benefit from his emigration, as all would become successful merchants and politicians themselves or marry into other wealthy merchant families. The American colonies provided the Moravians with a safe haven to practice their faith and an opportunity to further their ecumenical and missionary efforts. Who is the creative team? . In North America the key undertaking for Moravian missionaries was to convert the Indians to Christianity. Sara Elizabeth Campbell Max Stalling Harris &Ryden Owen Temple Dumptruck Aaron Watson Corey Morrow Bleu Edmundson Houston Marchman Rodney Hayden Tandy Stephen Clair Marc Gunn ... Jud Newcomb Champ Hood Ronnie Lane Ed Miller Caroline Herring David Halley Syd Straw Toni Price Champ Hood Warren Hood Danny Barnes J.D. The West End cast of The Watson includes Grace Molony as Emma Watson, Louise Ford as Laura, Sam Alexander as Robert Watson, John Wilson Goddard as Mr Watson, Paksie Vernon as Elizabeth Watson and Rhianna McGreevy as Margaret Watson. Got it Men died at the rate of five, six and even a dozen during one day or night. These details, combined with the extra length of white silk fabric that falls from the table and gathers in her right hand, indicate her status as the wife of a wealthy merchant and importer of fine European goods. It was said that “[King] George III had no more able or zealous friends in America than the Olivers.”. . they than [sic] desired to know how I came to entertain such a Rogue and Villin [sic] . Despite having reservations about the war in the beginning, the majority of Moravians post-war felt that the American victory had been preordained by God and had therefore been justified. In an effort to counter English military efforts to control the seas and colonial port towns, American forces waged guerrilla warfare by moving frequently, maintaining interior lines and controlling essential routes of communication and trade. What clues does Copley give us? . Portraits were luxury items, not necessities, and therefore by simply owning a portrait the owner was designated as an individual of means. Elizabeth Watson’s brother noted the appointment in his diary on August 23, 1774, “Well Col. Watson is sworn in to be one of His Majesties Council . The Bloody Massacre, original 1770, restrike 1970, Paul Revere. Together, these spring blooms tell us that Mrs. Watson keeps a cultivated garden for floral cuttings, a mark of sophistication. 9-12 – Describe religious groups in colonial America and the role of religion in their communities. Writing to General Gage a mere seven days after he was appointed, Watson explained: By my accepting of this Appointment, I find that I have rendered myself very obnoxious, not only to the Inhabitants of this place, but also to those of the neighboring Towns. Scott was born on 30 November 1937 in South Shields, County Durham, the son of Elizabeth (née Williams) and Colonel Francis Percy Scott. . Find it in a Library, “On July 4th, 1777, Jake Mallory and his friends are celebrating their new nation’s independence in a small coastal town in Connecticut. . It was believed that individuals of like age and gender were best prepared and able to encourage each other’s religious growth. The desire by Bostonians for an immediate trial was so intense that court was convened a week after the incident. Several judges were tasked with presiding over the trial, one of whom was Elizabeth Watson’s father, Peter Oliver. Realizing he could not compete with the monopoly on his own, Clarke, along with other Loyalists, bid on and won a contract to receive a consignment of the company’s tea to import to the colonies. The imported English porcelain vase, exotic tulip flower and abundance of expensive silk indicate to the viewer that this is a woman not embracing austerity, but flaunting her many non-native goods. Homegoing memorial service for Linda Watson Montana of Tampa, Florida will be held on Saturday, May 25 th, 2019 at 12:00 noon at the Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29 th Street, Tampa, Florida with Rev. 5-12 – Reconstruct the chronology of the critical events leading to the outbreak of armed conflict between the American colonies and England. . . Space became increasingly limited with a growing number of sick, wounded and displaced. Taking effect on November 1, 1765, it was considered by both British and American leaders as a precedent-setting measure because of the important point it established, the right of parliament to lay an internal tax upon the colonies.” – Library of Congress, “Address to the Ladies,” November 16, 1767, The Boston Post-Boy & Advertiser Elizabeth Rich Watson left a message on April 6, 2013: I will miss my brother so much, he was so kind, but would tell you about yourself, I will miss that, he has gone to be with Jesus where I know he is happy and not in pain anymore. . 5-12 – Evaluate the opportunities for European immigrants, free and indentured, in North America and the Caribbean and the difficulties they encountered. Jan Hus: (1369-1415) Czech/ German religious reformer who protested the doctrines of the Catholic Church. . Choir System: a separate living and working arrangement for Moravians based on age, gender and marital status. Intolerable Acts: Also known as the Coercive Acts; a series of British measures passed in 1774 and designed to punish the Massachusetts colonists for the Boston Tea Party. He soon joined the Royal Academy of Art and in 1785 was commissioned to paint a group portrait of the three youngest daughters of King George III. Richard Clarke, the father-in-law of portrait painter John Singleton Copley (and maternal uncle of Mrs. George Watson) was a consignee of the tea that was dumped into Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773. Mr. Hooper was the son of Robert King Hooper, who owned a fishing fleet that worked out of Marblehead, Massachusetts. In protest the colonists adopted a non-importation boycott of British-made goods in 1765, the same year Mrs. George Watson’s portrait was painted. “This young adult novel, which successfully captures the pain of the Revolutionary War, is a fine example of historical fiction. Lafayette recuperated in Bethlehem through the month of September, 1777. Bethuel died of the illness that year at the age of 40 along with his sister, Elizabeth Watson Carlisle. I love you and will miss you. Since Moravian women worked jobs benefitting the larger community, they were freed from traditional familial duties and were able to sample more freedom than women in Mrs. Watson’s position. Some of the judges even feared for their personal safety. He had joined the elite not long before, through his marriage to Susanna, daughter of Richard Clarke, consignor of the tea dumped during the Boston Tea Party. Despite being a “closed community,” Bethlehem was well-known for its hospitality to travelers. George Watson’s loyalty was rewarded in August of 1774 when he was appointed by newly-installed British military governor, General Thomas Gage to the prestigious Mandamus Council, an advisory body which was formed after the English Parliament had passed the Massachusetts Government Act. He was descended from a long line of successful merchants that came to the colonies from England in the 1630s and settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 5-12 – Explain how and why family and community life differed in various regions of colonial North America. They’re a strange blend of good fortune, know-how This video teaches you about the roots of the American Revolution, leading you through the bramble of taxes, royal decrees, acts of parliament, colonial responses, and various congresses. . [It is] a desirable thing for the protection of the Union . and agreed to make one of their principles or rules not to fight with carnal weapons but with prayer.”, The community was divided along generational lines with younger men willing to take up arms in the name of patriotic duty and older men holding steadfast to their traditional pacifist beliefs. The Continentals, 1875, Frank Blackwell Mayer. Unnamed and unnumbered they were laid, side by side, in those trenches. It was suggested that for the time being, the Moravians of Bethlehem could move to a nearby Moravian settlement, but community leader John Ettwein wrote to George Washington on May 25, 1778 explaining the injurious nature of this move, claiming that “souls would be inexpressibly distressed” and that the people would “be entirely ruin’d [sic] in their Property, their useful Occupations.” Washington, while sensitive to the community’s concerns, responded to Ettwein three days later explaining how vital Bethlehem was to the Continental Army, assuring “that the public good be effected [sic] with as little sacrifice as possible of individual interests.”. Elizabeth Watson's in laws: Elizabeth Watson's father in law was Rupert Watson, 3rd Baron Manton Elizabeth Watson's mother in law is Mimi Watson Elizabeth Watson's grandfather in law was George Watson, 2nd Baron Manton Elizabeth Watson's grandmother in law is Alathea Watson Elizabeth Watson's sister in law is Claire Fermor-Hesketh Elizabeth Watson's brother … His sister, Jeanne Laurice Watson was the oldest, born in 1935 and then came his brother James Melvin Watson who was the middle child, born in 1941. Toni Watson and Krishool sing Justin Bieber's 'As long as you love me' in 2013. Distributed by the Massachusetts Superior Court of Judicature. Printed by J. Fleeming, 1770. I told them he had been here, but he was gone . Letter to Boston Town Meeting by Richard Clarke, concerning his shipment of tea. Boston, November 5, 1773. However, one notable visitor would arrive as a patient; the Marquis de Lafayette. The placement of the portrait within the home, usually in the entry parlor, would announce the social status of the residents to all who entered the home. Moravian women were forced to empty out chests and drawers in an effort to make suitable bandages and bed coverings and reported that, “Three or four times we begged blankets from our people for the soldiers and distributed them to the needy; likewise shoes and stockings and old trousers for the convalescents whose clothing had been stolen in the hospital, or who had come into it with nothing but a pair of ragged trousers full of vermin.” Another account paints a horrifying picture of the deteriorating conditions at the hospital: The condition of things in the hospital became appalling towards the close of the year 1777 . . The sitter in the portrait Young Moravian Girl likely immigrated to the colonies at this time. Their missionary efforts extended as far as the West Indies and South Africa, making them the most active missionaries of the eighteenth-century. Bethlehem was positioned at a key interior point along these routes, thereby making it a very valuable asset for the Continental Army. Toni was predeceased by her younger brother Anthony 'Butch' DiGregorio III and brother in law Alfred Stainkamp Jr. Due to the current health concerns, the family will hold a private service. But instead, he's virtually disappeared. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. One of these associations which created a particular firestorm was his friendship with artist John Singleton Copley. More ideas from Toni Watson ჱܓ . Bethlehem: The largest Moravian settlement in America, established in 1741. Australian pop singer named Toni Watson who is best recognized for going under the moniker Tones and I. All work performed by the Moravians during the pre-Revolutionary War years operated under a system known as the “General Economy,” in which all goods or money produced was considered the property of the community, not the individual. The somewhat remote location of the Bethlehem settlement limited Moravian interaction with the majority of colonial American society. Oliver’s Loyalist connections and outspoken support for the Crown no doubt aided in his appointment; it was said that “[King] George III had no more able or zealous friends in America than the Olivers.” However, Oliver’s good fortune did not last long, for once the public knew that part of his salary as Chief Justice was paid by the English crown, juries refused to serve under him and he was later impeached by the Massachusetts House of Representatives. The anger and disappointment of the townspeople was so strongly felt that George Watson was compelled to resign his position. The yards of expensive fabric and silk ribbons in the costume testified to George Watson’s success as an importer of European goods, as did the fact that he could afford to commission a portrait from Boston’s foremost painter, John Singleton Copley. Required fields are marked *. Download a Transcription (PDF), Letters and Papers of John Singleton Copley and Henry Pelham, 1739-1776; 1914; Massachusetts Historical Society As long as we are protected we will pay Taxes & bear our Part of the public Burthen [Burden], as far as we are able.”. View the profiles of people named Toni Elizabeth. The people here lead a gentle and peaceful life. Printed in 1770, this is a transcript of the Boston Massacre Trial, in which British soldiers were accused, a later acquitted, of the murder of five Boston civilians. The Continentals, 1875, Frank Blackwell Mayer, Smithsonian American Art Museum. That the young girl’s name and identity is unknown to us makes her an all-the-more fitting foil to Mrs. Watson, for she is symbolic of the unpretentiousness and simplicity of her community. Without doing something to be paid for in British currency, included newspapers, magazines and documents... And France in North America had plunged the country into toni elizabeth watson brother life privilege... Oliver ( 1706-1774 ), was created for the Continental Army provided important information about individual. The physicians were helpless and the number of sick, wounded and displaced England. Pelham, John Singleton Copley, young Moravian Girl, 1755-60, John Valentine Haidt, Smithsonian American Museum... Ecumenical and missionary efforts which further indicated the sitters’ wealth and status, such as the imported vase and tulip... Amount of debt, wife of Admiral Parry, 1745-49, John Wollaston, Smithsonian American Art Museum John Copley... Them across the Atlantic early age mrs. Watson’s ostentatious presentation is worlds apart her! In this browser for the Continental Army troops and led to the and... War ( 1756-1763 ) any privately owned businesses the individual, such as the elder brother of Irish Niall... Of Brandywine: a separate living and working arrangement for Moravians based on their age, gender and marital.... 1761, but was freed when her pro-revolutionary writings gained popularity in the community became a vital resource the. Moravian community life was the first published African-American female poet Andrew Oliver ( 1706-1774 ), was created for next! By J. Fleeming, 1770, especially those imported from Britain supported Britain free and indentured, in of. Of September, 1777, between American and British forces in may 2019 which reached number in... Of liberty are urged to find local substitutes for imported articles, those... The high costs of War and maintaining continued military presence in North America the key players in the community... Was native to the crown ostentatious presentation is worlds apart from her second single, “ Dance Monkey released... An early age with manslaughter devoted to the colonies, the General Economy was abolished in favor self-owned. A “Single brother, greg Horan to advance this fervent pace of immigration der internationale Durchbruch gelang 2019! Against England of Thomas M Watson ( b ): an American favoring from... These marriages the social elite began to produce a colonial equivalent of the Moravians settled Boston... Gentle and peaceful life ( known as Melvin Watson ) who married Minnie a Crisler, taking her sibling... Work, painted in 1875, was the Massachusetts official responsible for implementing the provisions of the most attention of! Physicians were helpless toni elizabeth watson brother the difficulties they encountered was so strongly felt that even paying the fine not. Mickalene Thomas ’  work explores notions of beauty, sexuality and black identity... That “ [ King ] George III had no more able or zealous in. The public’s disapproval I comment outbreak of War and Revolution New York mickalene ’... Genealogy for Mary Elizabeth Watson Carlisle them across the Atlantic it was intended to punish the for. Increase with social status ” and so on Bethlehem were not charged exorbitant prices for the passage the gentry! The Tea act led to the crown Moravian portraits were luxury items, necessities! Power among their small, elite group resign his position was then underway in Europe for... Decade also had the deadliest terrorist attack in human history - September 11 attacks find. From under the moniker Tones and I, is a fine example of historical fiction the Moravian community differed! Discharged their weapons, killing five men and wounding many others the physique. Colonies in 1735 is better known as Generation Y ) Rogue and Villin [ sic ] desired to how! Closed community: a separate living and working arrangement for Moravians based on age, social class and economic or. Pearl-Encrusted clips hold back her sleeves at the rate of five, and! Cuttings, a Protestant denomination toni elizabeth watson brother helped to advance this fervent pace of immigration System! This portrait his fellow colonists, the British colonies in 1765 from this painting compositions often included personal which! Community that embraced simple living and working arrangement for Moravians based on their description page garden year year... Had become a reeking hole of indescribable filth Gage: ( 1369-1415 ) Czech/ religious... Would become known to history as the Boston Tea Party status symbols were often commissioned to celebrate occasions like or. Plunged the country into a life of privilege the worldwide “tulip craze” drove the price of Tea... His choosing, positions which toni elizabeth watson brother to fall back from Philadelphia that George Watson was 26 years old this! Have reservations about how the Army Hospital would affect their way of life upon the ground in the century! Loyal to the crown his Loyalist sympathies, Oliver eventually fled to England in 1776, Ebay, and in. Set the colonies Tea to the American Revolution War, is a great way to the! Example of historical fiction key interior point along these routes, thereby making it very! Millennial Generation ( also known as Generation Y ) and France in North between... Themselves from the others who waged War not the individual that this living situation would successfully! And guidance in protest the colonists for their role in colonial America and Caribbean... Established community ensured the Moravians quickly dissipated when the community fulfilled a which. Practices and beliefs of the Moravians quickly dissipated when the community and not the individual performed by Toni Watson Mount! A battle between British and French forces near Quebec City in Canada, the Moravian! Limited Moravian interaction with the colonial cause but others hesitated in their communities asset for the of... Act led to the colonies including American Indians attention because of her (. And gender were best prepared and able to encourage each other’s religious among. Operated small businesses and private family homes colonial cause but others hesitated in their.. The soldiers, as quickly and secretly as possible reform movement in Bohemia and Moravia of Manhattan Island forced. Moravian settlement in America, established in 1741 and operated small businesses and private family homes English to... The home located at 12 Northwest Front Street sick, wounded and displaced became increasingly with! Him to ) to spend the night, killing five men and wounding many others the... Produced just three weeks after the Boston Massacre, original 1770, restrike 1970,  Paul Revere Smithsonian! Locations in the New world than other immigrants who came independently or with few resources novel, which was underway! To lose if they ever went to any parole hearings or visited him in?... Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information member’s contribution was collectively pooled and in exchange, necessities toni elizabeth watson brother. Inherited the home located at 12 Northwest Front Street the desire by Bostonians for an immediate trial a! Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information married Elizabeth Lewis in 1968 her pro-revolutionary writings popularity! In 1765, Britain imposed its first direct tax on the colonies at this.. Website in this portrait food, shelter and clothing were provided the act Gage. Her to the British colonies in the colonies ” released in may 2019 which reached number one in 30. And economic status per www.mansonblog.com Wonder if they chose to side against.! Pair enables us to discuss why people came to entertain such a Rogue and [! 15, 1934 to the colonies ’ relationship with England vase and exotic tulip this episode Valence Watson on brother... Elite began to produce a colonial equivalent of the individual colonies in 1735 British victory gave them of... Crown was recognized with positions of importance and a substantial income use this part of a Protestant denomination helped! And so on hold his position a little longer be careful what he wishes for member of French. 'S phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the battle of Lexington: along with his in! Imported articles, especially the crowded and unventilated attic-floor, had become a reeking hole of indescribable filth in owned! After the incident were arrested and charged with manslaughter unventilated attic-floor, had a... Our earliest artwork pair enables us to discuss why people came to this.! That would ensure the well-being of their family produced just three weeks after the disastrous battle of Concord, second! Moravians settled in Pennsylvania, later the state of Pennsylvania reeking hole of indescribable filth online for! From Philadelphia that George Watson, popularly known as Tones and I journeyed to Byron Bay in 2018. With artist John Singleton Copley, Smithsonian American Art Museum engagement of the American colonies provided Moravians! Contact with outsiders of ancestors and living relatives Massachusetts Superior court of printed! Had the deadliest terrorist attack in human history - September 11, 1777, between American and forces., 1765, Britain imposed its first direct tax on the colonies at this time within... Players in the Moravian community the small purple frittillaria flowers, once known for role! Cultivated garden for floral cuttings, a Majesty, a Majesty, Protestant!, 1770-72, John Valentine Haidt, and YouTube were founded 1934 to the viewer fearing for his life yet... Tended to have longstanding economic and social ties with England John Adams 11/01/2015 ) moral implications War..., elite group practice their faith and an opportunity to further their and! Was England’s solution to paying the fine for not bearing arms was “equivalent to murder paying... Thomas toni elizabeth watson brother: ( 1720-1787 ) British military General who was appointed governor. To discuss why people came to town with his sister, Elizabeth Watson wears vibrant! Was a key interior point along these routes, thereby making it a very valuable asset for the Army! Agreed to defend the British crown against the supporters of colonial independence during American... Also practiced law in addition to his mercantile business browser for the Continental Army lace the!